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Internet is full of decent content, but it’s not easy to filter the noise and find what’s essential. I’m doing that for you. Every week, I gather a list of Software Architecture resources that helps to boost your skills.

What to expect?

  • Holistic views on the software architecture and best/worst practices. I believe that you’ll face similar architecture issues no matter which technology you choose. You can benefit from the sound patterns and samples from the other technology stack and bite by the same worst-case scenarios.

  • Technology-agnostic, diverse, but pragmatic content. I think that going outside your tech community bubble is always eye-opening. There is no bad/worse technology. It’s just helpful or not in a particular context. You’ll find various technology stacks, also content about engineering, industry management and coding life.

  • An independent viewpoint. No ads, no self-promotion. The focus is on sharing and learning. You can check my blog and GitHub profile to follow my other works.

  • Personal perspective. See how I’m learning, what I’m reading, what intrigues me. Nevertheless, think for yourself—question authority.

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