Invitation to webinar with Andrea Magnorsky: Introducing Bytesize Architecture Sessions!

Hey! 😀

I invite you to the next webinar for Architecture Weekly paid subscribers.

This time, special guest Andrea Magnorsky, with the topic: Introducing Bytesize Architecture Sessions!

Andrea Magnorsky - GOTO Copenhagen 2024

We all struggle with too-long meetings, confusing design discussions and analysis paralysis. How can we reason better about our systems in a collaborative way? Let’s see Andrea’s take on that:

Does your team suffer from:

  • Inconsistent views of your systems?

  • Producing incohesive solutions?

Introducing Bytesize Architecture Sessions! 

Bytesize Sessions are a workshop format that enable collaborative and iterative knowledge sharing. Bytesize Sessions have the following benefits in teams:

  • Improved systems thinking.

  • Enriching collaboration within the team.

  • Understanding architecture practices and tools in a safe environment.

  • A feedback loop controlled by the team that produces better documentation across sessions.

Andrea Magnorsky is a programmer and entrepreneur currently based in the United Kingdom. She is a founder and is well-known in the programming community for her contributions to functional programming and software architecture. Magnorsky has over 20 years of experience in the software industry and has spoken at many international conferences and events on topics such as game development, functional programming, and software architecture. She is the creator or Bytesize Architecture Sessions.

I’m thrilled that Andrea agreed to share her experience and her method to facilitate better architecture discussions with us. I saw multiple recommendations about it; now we’ll get the chance to see that live and have a Q&A.

The webinar will happen on Monday, February 26th, at 6 PM CET (UTC+1) and last 1-1.5h depending on the number of questions.

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Feel invited, and see you there!



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