Invitation to webinar with Jeremy D. Miller: Simplify your architecture with Wolverine

Hey! 😀

I invite you to the next webinar for Architecture Weekly paid subscribers.

On the 2nd of August, together with Jeremy D. Miller, we’ll try to show how to reduce boilerplate in your .NET applications using Wolverine.

We’ll take the simple Event Sourcing application I showed on NDC Oslo:

And try to make it even simpler by using Wolverine. It’ll be a live pair programming, where we’ll discuss the assumptions behind Wolverine and how it helps to keep things simple. Some of that Jeremy mentioned in his latest article:

Check also his talk at NDC to get the feeling of what’s to come!

I’m thrilled about this webinar; even though we discussed Wolverine and are working together on Marten, I haven’t made my hands dirty yet! Great opportunity to learn for all of us!

Jeremy Miller started his career as a “real” engineer but wandered into software because that looked like more fun. Since then, Jeremy has worked in and led software development teams in the computer manufacturing industry, finance, insurance, health care, and banking industries.

Lately, Jeremy has been focused on leading software architecture teams and helping mentor other software architects. Having had roles both as an in-house software architect and as a software consultant, Jeremy has a great deal of insight into the challenges that confront companies developing and maintaining enterprise systems over time.

Jeremy is well known for his Open-Source Software tools starting with Structure Map and continuing today to Marten and Wolverine. Jeremy is also a frequent author and technical speaker at software conferences.

The webinar will happen Wednesday, August 2nd, at 6 PM CET (UTC+1) and last 1.5-2h depending on the number of questions.

Feel invited, and see you there!

Best regards


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