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Webinar #14 - Mateusz Jendza: Why Verifiable Credentials is the Future of Digital Identity!

This time, a special guest Mateusz Jendza, with the topic: Why Verified Credentials is the Future of Digital Identity!

Verifiable Credentials are an intriguing topic. They are an open standard for digital credentials. They can represent information found in physical credentials, such as a passport or license, and new things with no physical equivalent, such as bank account ownership. They can be used to verify our identity by trusted providers and do it securely as they're digitally signed, which makes them tamper-resistant and instantaneously verifiable.

Mateusz encouraged :

Let's explore the exciting and really new concept: verifiable credentials. During our presentation, I plan to provide a brief overview and showcase a live example of how to use this innovative technology. Together, we will explore a few potential business scenarios that demonstrate the potential of this idea.

And that’s what he did!

He explained to us:

  • the foundational parts of the Verifiable Credentials design,

  • why and where they can be useful,

  • run two demos showing practically how to configure it with Microsoft Entra ID

Moreover, he prepared an environment where you can play with it on your own! Become a paid subscriber and scroll down!

Mateusz is a Principal Technical Architect at SoftwareOne. In the last few years, he has focused on helping companies use Identity Management solutions correctly (with a focus on Entra ID and Azure AD B2C).

Plus, Mateusz is also a member of our paid subscribers community and my friend. He’s one of the people I trust and ask if I need help understanding Identity Management concepts.

I’m super happy that more and more content comes from the members of our community who share their battle-tested experiences. Plus, topics are getting more holistic and versatile. This webinar will be the next proof of that.


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